Best Self Defense Keychain

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It’s no stretch to say that convenience is very important to everyone in any purchase. No matter what you are doing, convenience is always a priority. Usually self defense and convenience are not two terms that go hand in hand, but with the right keychain they can be. The best self defense keychain is one that is effective as well as easy to carry.

Keychains can become bulky and thus not ideal to carry. With a sleek keychain defense item, you can feel safe  as well as not be inconvenienced by a large item in your pocket, purse or bag. A self defense keychain can seem ineffective and useless due to them being so small, but most key chain defense items pack a punch. A power stream of pepper spray is enough to take anyone down regardless of the size of the device it emits from.

Another benefit of a keychain self defense item is that the shape is unique and the size is large enough that you won’t need to root through your bag or purse to find it. Even if it’s not attached to keys, you can reach in your bag and be able to find it quickly in the event of an attack. Having the device attached to your keys is also a big help because it creates a unique feel and you will be able to retrieve it at a moment’s notice.

Another added benefit to having a self defense keychain is that it’s attached to your keys, so it would be hard to leave at home. Not many people leave without their keys, so you won’t even have to worry about reminding yourself to bring it with you anywhere. Like I said, convenience is key. The best self defense key chain is small enough to fit in most bags and purses or pockets. It is easy to find when needed and it packs a big punch for being such a small item.

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