Choosing the right Pepper Spray.

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Choosing the right pepper spray

Pepper spray is used almost everywhere and comes in many different types and sizes.  So how do you know which ones to use?

First let’s go over what pepper spray is.  Pepper spray is generally referring to aerosol sprays that contain Oleoresin Capsicum.   This ingredient is also found in mace and ‘bear sprays’.  To create this ingredient there is an industrial process that removes the oily residue of hot peppers such as jalapenos, habaneros and others.  The oily residue is then worked into an aerosol spray.  The strength of each spray can depend on how much residue is used.

How it works is that pepper spray will irritate the attacker creating watery tearing eyes, partial blindness and pain. At times pepper spray can even cause difficulty breathing.  The intent is to create discomfort and confusion with your attacker so that you may get away.

There are different styles of spray that change how the irritant is discharged.  Like other aerosol products the spray can come out in a stream, in a cone, as foam, as a fog or a gel.  Depending on your needs each product will have different distances the irritant will travel, different strength levels and variance in how much product is in each container such as a the difference to something on your keychain or something the size of a large hairspray container.

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