Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is fast approaching, so here are some halloween safety tips to keep everyone safe this year.   Because of how many kids are out trick or treating the chances double of children being struck by a vehicle.

Use reflective tape on costumes when possible.  Carrying a glow stick is also a good method to be seen.  Currently only around 18% of costumes are implementing reflective tape or other methods to stand out in the dark.

Keep children on sidewalks and off the roads.  Have adults accompany groups of children to help cross busy streets.   Don’t take shortcuts through alleys or backyards.

Never allow children to enter a residence without a parent.

Don’t allow children to get a ride without a supervising adult.

Avoid costumes that have sharp objects as part of the outfit such as knives or swords.  Don’t wear a costume that hangs too long and can be tripped over.  Costumes without masks are best but if a mask is worn make sure the eye holes are extra-large so that vision isn’t impaired.

Have older kids go out in small groups of at least 4.  Make sure there is at least one cell phone in the group so that they can call for help if need be.

Plan the trick or treating route ahead of time.  Know what path the children will be on should you need to look for them.

Carry a flashlight!

Don’t allow children to start eating any of their loot before getting it home and having it inspected by parents.

Don’t allow children to eat homemade treats made by strangers.

Most important tips for  Halloween is to stay alert and use good judgement.  Trick or treating is a highlight for every kid that can get out and gather free candy door to door – I mean who wouldn’t like that.  So make sure you keep yourself and the children safe this year.

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