Self defense for freshman girls

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Like many parents, we were nervous when our daughter left for a big university.  Our little girl went from the comfort and safety of our home, to a large and unfamiliar college 2 hours away from us.  That’s why we started researching what kind of self-defense tools we could equip her with so that she could still be safe even without us there.  A lot of scary thoughts and emotions were there to greet us as we saw tasers, pepper spray, and even small batons, knives, and firearms.  We wanted our daughter to be comfortable with what we gave her, so that she would carry it with her instead of leaving it in her dorm.  This was particularly important when we started looking at the options more closely.  Ultimately, we decided to purchase pepper spray.  We chose pepper spray for ease of use, familiarity, and convenience.  She has it on her keychain, so she has it ready basically anytime she has her keys on her.  Pepper spray is also very common on college campuses, so she felt comfortable carrying it around with her as opposed to a more aggressive options like tasers and knives.  More than anything, we wanted her to have it with her at all times, and the ability to put it on her keychain achieved that goal.  Feeling safer about our daughter being out on her own is priceless.  We recommend investing the small amount in pepper spray for your college student so that they can defend themselves should something horrible happen.

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